2000 canciones siglo XX

Over the rainbow (1939, Judy Garland) videoclip
La vie en rose (1947, Edith Piaf) videoclip
Unforgettable (1951, Nat King Cole) videoclip
Singin´in the rain (1952, Gene Kelly) videoclip
Rock around the clock (1954, Bill Haley) videoclip
Tutti-Frutti (1955, Little Richard) videoclip
Maybellene (1955, Chuck Berry) videoclip
Blue moon (1956, Elvis Presley) videoclip
Love me tender (1956, Elvis Presley) videoclip
Roll over Beethoven (1956, Chuck Berry) videoclip
Heartbreak hotel (1956, Elvis Presley) videoclip
Blue suede shoes (1956, Elvis Presley) videoclip
I walk the line (1956, Johnny Cash) videoclip
Don´t be cruel (1956, Elvis Presley) videoclip
All shook up (1957, Elvis Presley) videoclip
Jailhouse rock (1957, Elvis Presley) videoclip
Great balls of fire (1957, Jerry Lee Lewis) videoclip
That´ll be the day (1957, Buddy Holly) videoclip
Peggy Sue (1957, Buddy Holly) videoclip
Nel blu di pinto di blu (1958, Domenico Modugno) videoclip
Johnny B. Goode (1958, Chuck Berry) videoclip
What´d I say (1959, Ray Charles) videoclip
Lili Marlene (1960, Marlene Dietrich) videoclip
It´s now or never (1960, Elvis Presley) videoclip
Georgia on my mind (1960, Ray Charles) videoclip
Stand by me (1961, Ben E. King) videoclip
Crying (1961 Roy Orbison) videoclip
Can´t help falling in love (1961, Elvis Presley) videoclip
Moon River (1961, Henry Mancini) videoclip
Surfin´ safari (1962, The Beach Boys) videoclip
Maria (1962, Leonard Bernstein) videoclip
Love me do (1962, The Beatles) videoclip
Surfer girl (1963, The Beach Boys) videoclip
Surfin´ USA (1963, The Beach Boys) videoclip
Twist and shout (1963, The Beatles) videoclip
Roll over Beethoven (1963, The Beatles) videoclip
Do you want to know a secret (1963, The Beatles) videoclip
Please please me (1963, The Beatles) videoclip
From me to you (1963, The Beatles) videoclip
In dreams (1963, Roy Orbinson) videoclip
She loves you (1963, The Beatles) videoclip
I saw her standing there (1963, The Beatles) videoclip
The pink panther theme (1963, Henry Mancini) videoclip
I want to hold your hand (1963, The Beatles) videoclip
Surfin´bird (1963, The Trashmen) videoclip
Blowin´in the wind (1963, Bob Dylan) videoclip
Be my baby (1963, The Ronettes) videoclip
Please mister postman (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Long tall Sally (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
The last time (1964, The Rolling Stones) videoclip
A taste of honey (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Oh, pretty woman (1964, Roy Orbison) videoclip
Misery (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Thank you girl (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Ask me why (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Not fade away (1964, The Rolling Stones) videoclip
My girl (1964, The Templations) videoclip
Viva Las Vegas (1964, Elvis Presley) videoclip
I´ll cry instead (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Rock and roll music (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Dance, dance, dance (1964, The Beach Boys) videoclip
When I grow up (1964, The Beach Boys) videoclip
All my loving (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Can´t buy me love (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Fun, fun, fun (1964, The Beach Boys) videoclip
I feel fine (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
Downtown (1964, Petula Clark) videoclip
All day and all of the night (1964, The Kinks) videoclip
I should have known better (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
If I fell (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
I get around (1964, The Beach Boys) videoclip
The house of the rising sun (1964, The Animals) videoclip
You really got me (1964, The Kinks) videoclip
And I love her (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
A hard day´s night (1964, The Beatles) videoclip
It´s not unusual (1965, Tom Jones) videoclip
I got you babe (1965, Sonny and Cher) videoclip
I need you (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
I don´t want to spoil the party (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
Eight days a week (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
California girls (1965, The Beach Boys) videoclip
Kansas City (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
No reply (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
Don´t let me be misunderstood (1965, The Animals) videoclip
Get off of my cloud (1965, The Rolling Stones) videoclip
Barbara Ann (1965, The Beach Boys) videoclip
It won´t be long (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
Poupée de cire, poupée de son (1965, France Gall) videoclip
I´ll follow the sun (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
Ticket to ride (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
I can´t explain (1965, The Who) videoclip
Subterranean homesick blues (1965, Bob Dylan) videoclip
Maggie´s farm (1965, Bob Dylan) videoclip
My generation (1965, The Who) videoclip
Satisfaction (1965, The Rolling Stones) videoclip
The sound of silence (1965, Simon and Garfunkel) videoclip
Help me, Rhonda (1965, The Beach Boys) videoclip
Shake (1965, Sam Cooke) videoclip
The times they are a-changin´(1965, Bob Dylan) videoclip
Unchained melody (1965, The Righteous Brothers) videoclip
Help! (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
We can work it out (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
Yesterday (1965, The Beatles) videoclip
Like a rolling stone (1965, Bob Dylan) videoclip
I´m a believer (1966, The Moonkees) videoclip
Mejor (1966, Los Brincos) videoclip
Mas que nada (1966, Sérgio Mendes) videoclip
Black is black (1966, Los Bravos) videoclip
Homeward bound (1966, Simon and Garfunkel) videoclip
19th nervous breakdown (1966, The Rolling Stones) videoclip
These boots are made for walkin´(1966, Nancy Sinatra) videoclip
Hey Joe (1966, Jimi Hendrix) videoclip
Sunday morning (1966, The Velvet Underground) videoclip
Yellow submarine (1966, The Beatles) videoclip
Mother´s little helper (1966, The Rolling Stones) videoclip
River deep mountain high (1966, Ike and Tina Turner) videoclip
Hold me tight (1966, The Beatles) videoclip
The kids are alright (1966, The Who) videoclip
I am a rock (1966, Simon and Garfunkel) videoclip
A hazy shade of winter (1966, Simon and Garfunkel) videoclip
Sunny afternoon (1966, The Kinks) videoclip
I want you (1966, Bob Dylan) videoclip
I feel free (1966, Cream) videoclip
Just like a woman (1966, Bob Dylan) videoclip
Sloop John B (1966, The Beach Boys) videoclip
Lara´s theme (1966, Maurice Jarre) videoclip
Strangers in the night (1966, Frank Sinatra) videoclip
La muerte tenía un precio (1966, Ennio Morricone) videoclip
Michelle (1966, The Beatles) videoclip
Girl (1966, The Beatles) videoclip
California dreamin´(1966, The Mamas and the Papas) videoclip
Good vibrations (1966, The Beach Boys) videoclip
Paperback writer (1966, The Beatles) videoclip
Paint it, black (1966, The Rolling Stones) videoclip
God only knows (1966, The Beach Boys) videoclip
Nowhere man (1966, The Beatles) videoclip
The good, the bad and the ugly (1966, Ennio Morricone) videoclip
Hablemos del amor (1967, Raphael) videoclip
Esta tarde vi llover (1967, Armando Manzanero) videoclip
The wind cries Mary (1967, Jimi Hendrix) videoclip
Delilah (1967, Tom Jones) videoclip
She´s a rainbow (1967, The Rolling Stones)
Alabama song. Whiskey song (1967, The doors)
Heroes and villains (1967, The Beach Boys) videoclip
At the zoo (1967, Simon and Garfunkel) videoclip
Arnold Layne (1967, Pink Floyd)
Let´s spend the night together (1967, The Rolling Stones)
Pictures of Lily (1967, The Who)
Happy togheter (1967, The Turtles) videoclip
People are strange (1967, The Doors)
Flaming (1967, Pink Floyd)
Purple haze (1967, Jimi Hendrix) videoclip
For what it´s worth (1967, Buffalo Springfield) videoclip
Ain´t no mountain high enough (1967, Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye) videoclip
Foxey lady (1967, Jimi Hendrix) videoclip
Love me two times (1967, The Doors) videoclip
A whiter shade of pale (1967, Procol Harum) videoclip
Somebody to love (1967, Jefferson Airplane) videoclip
You make feel like. A natural woman (1967, Aretha Franklin) videoclip
All you need is love (1967, The Beatles) videoclip
Somethin´stupid (1967, Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra) videoclip
Sunshine of your love (1967, Cream) videoclip
I can see for miles (1967, The Who) videoclip
Strange brew (1967, Cream) videoclip
See Emily play (1967, Pink Floyd) videoclip
What a wonderful world (1967, Louis Armstrong) videoclip
Respect (1967, Aretha Franklin) videoclip
White rabbit (1967, Jeferson Airplane) videoclip
Light my fire (1967, The Doors) videoclip
Waterloo sunset (1967, The Kinks) videoclip
Break on through (1967, The Doors) videoclip
Hello goodbye (1967, The Beatles) videoclip
Penny Lane (1967, The Beatles) videoclip
La fiesta (1968, Karina) videoclip
La, la, la (1968, Massiel) videoclip
Corazón contento (1968, Marisol) videoclip
La, la, la (1968, Joan Manuel Serrat) videoclip
El río (1968, Miguel Ríos)
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da (1968, The Beatles) videoclip
Tu nombre me sabe a yerba (1968, Joan Manuel Serrat) videoclip
Hush (1968, Deep Purple)
Crosstown traffic (1968, Jimi Hendrix)
With a little help from my friends (1968, Joe Cocker)
Jumpin´ Jack flash (1968, The rolling Stones)
The unknow soldier (1968, The Doors)
Street fighting man (1968, The Rolling Stones)
I heard it through the grapevine (1968, Marvin Gaye) videoclip
Lady Madonna (1968, The Beatles)
Born to be wild (1968, Steppenwolf) videoclip
Scarabough fair canticle (1968, Simon and Garfunkel) videoclip
Touch me (1968, The Doors) videoclip
Magic bus (1968, The Who) videoclip
Azurro (1968, Adriano Celentano) videoclip
Under my thumb (1968, The Rolling Stones) videoclip
Mrs. Robinson (1968, Simon and Garfunkel) videoclip
Hello, I love you (1968, The Doors) videoclip
The house that Jack built (1968, Aretha Franklin) videoclip
Suzie Q. (1968, Creedence Clearwater Revival) videoclip
White room (1968, Cream) videoclip
I put a spell on you (1968, Creedence Clearwater Revival) videoclip
So long Marianne (1968, Leonard Cohen) videoclip
The weight (1968, The Band) videoclip
Alone again or (1968, Love) videoclip
All along the watchtower (1968, Bob Dylan) videoclip
Suzanne (1968, Leonard Cohen) videoclip
All along the watchtower (1968, Jimi Hendrix) videoclip
Sittin´on the dock of the bay (1968, Otis Redding) videoclip
Hey Jude (1968, The Beatles) videoclip
Mi carro (1969, Manolo Escobar)
Vivo cantando (1969, Salomé)
Himno a la alegría (1969, Miguel Ríos)
Cuéntame (1969, Fórmula V)
Penélope (1969, Joan Manuel Serrat)
Everybody´s talkin (1969, Harry Nilsson)
Je t´aime. Moinon plus (Jane Birkin y Serge Gainsbourg)
Ballad of John and Yoko (1969, The Beatles)
Lay lady lay (1969, Bob Dylan)
Pinball wizard (1969, The Who)
In the ghetto (1969, Elvis Presley)
The boxer (1969, Simon and Garfunkel)
Sympathy for the devil (1969, The Rolling Stones)
I want you back (1969, The Jackson 5)
Honky tonk women (1969, The Rolling Stones)
Evil woman (1969, Black Sabbath)
Crossroads (1969, Cream)
Space oddity (1969, David Bowie)
Suspicious minds (1969, Elvis Presley)
Get back (1969, The Beatles)
My way (1969, Frank Sinatra)
Go to the mirror! (1969, The Who)
Badge (1969, Cream)
In the court of the Crimson King (1969, King Crimson)
Bad moon rising (1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Travelin´ band (1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Proud Mary (1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Green river (1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Fortunate son (1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Whole lotta love (1969, Led Zeppelin)
Good times bad times (1969, Led Zeppelin)
Dazed and confused (1969, Led Zeppelin)
Something (1969, The Beatles)
Gwendolyne (1970, Julio Iglesias)
Un rayo de sol (1970, Los Diablos)
Como un gorrión (1970, Joan Manuel Serrat)
In the summertime (1970, Mungo Jerry)
Te quiero, te quiero (1970, Nino Bravo)
Get up I feel like being a sex machine (1970, James Brown)
Fiesta (1970, Joan Manuel Serrat)
Mother (1970, John Lennon y Yoko Ono)
ABC (1970, The Jackson 5)
El cóndor pasa (1970, Simon and Garfunkel)
They long be. Close to you (1970, Carpenters)
Cecilia (1970, Simon and Garfunkel)
La saeta (1970, Joan Manuel Serrat)
Moon shadow (1970, Cat Stevens)
Roadhouse (1970, The Doors)
Lookin´ out my back door (1970, Credence Clearwater Revival)
Instant karma! (1970, Yoko Ono and John Lennon)
Wicked world (1970, Black Sabbath)
The wizard (1970, Black Sabbath)
Hey tonight (1970, Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Living loving maid (1970, Led Zeppelin)
Black Sabbath (1970, Black Sabbath)
Bron-Y-Aur stomp (1970, Led Zeppelin)
The long and winding road (1970, The Beatles)
Como tú (1970, Paco Ibañez)
Lola (1970, The Kinks)
Black night (1970, Deep Purple)
See me, feel me (1970, The Who)
Up around the bend (1970, Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Black magic woman (1970, Santana)
Paranoid (1970, Black Sabbath)
Brigde over troubled water (1970, Simon and Garfunkel)
Heartbreaker (1970, Led Zeppelin)
My sweet lord (1970, George Harrinson)
Let it be (1970, The Beatles)
Immigrant song (1970, Led Zeppelin)
Iron man (1970, Black Sabbath)
Voodoo Chile (1970, Jimi Hendrix)
Borriquito (1971, Peret)
Soy rebelde (1971, Jeanette)
Que va a ser de ti (1971, Joan Manuel Serrat)
Oye como va (1971, Santana)
Another day (1971, Paul McCartney)
Uncle Albert (1971, Paul McCartney)
Maggie May (1971, Rod Stewart)
Behind blue eyes (1971, The Who)
American pie (1971, Don McLean)
Wild horses (1971, The Rolling Stones)
Jealous guy (1971, John Lennon)
Brown sugar (1971, The Rolling Stones)
I´m waiting for the man (1971, The Velvet Underground)
Children of the grave (1971, Black Sabbath)
What´s going on (1971, Marvin Gaye)
One of these days (1971, Pink Floid)
After forever (1971, Black Sabbath)
Sweet leaf (1971, Black Sabbath)
If not for you (1971, Bob Dylan)
Your song (1971, Elton John)
Waiting for the sun (1971, The Doors)
Love her madly (1971, The Doors)
Into the void (1971, Black Sabbath)
Riders on the storm (1971, The Doors)
Baba O´Riley (1971, The Who)
Won´t get fooled again (1971, The Who)
It´s too late (1971, Carole King)
Layla (1971, Derek and the Dominos)
Imagine (1971, John Lennon)
Black dog (1971, Led Zeppelin)
El gato esta triste y azul (1972, Roberto Carlos)
Mi gran amor (1972, Nino Bravo)
Ain´t no sunshine (1972, Michael Jackson)
Take it easy (1972, The Eagles)
Un beso y una flor (1972, Nino Bravo)
Tumbling dice (1972, The rolling Stones)
Libre (1972, Nino Bravo)
All together now (1972, The Beatles)
America (1972, Simon and Garfunkel)
Rocket man (1972, Elton John)
Superstition (1972, Stevie Wonder)
Changes (1972, David Bowie)
Love theme from The Godfather (1972, Nino Rota)
Rock and roll (1972, Led Zeppelin)
Child in time (1972, Deep Purple)
Old man (1972, Neil Young)
Walk on the wild side (1972, Lou Reed)
Starman (1972, David Bowie)
Stairway to heaven (1972, Led Zeppelin)
Y viva España (1973, Manolo Escobar)
Eva María (1973, Formula V)
Ni más ni menos (1973, Los Chichos)
Te estoy amando locamente (1973, Las Grecas)
Killing me softly with his song (1973, Roberta Flack)
I shot the sheriff (1973, Bob Marley)
Piano man (1973, Billy Joel)
Mind games (1973, John Lennon)
Eres tú (1973, Mocedades)
Live and let die (1973, Wings)
You are the sunshine of my life (1973, Stevie Wonder)
Angie (1973, The Rolling Stones)
Give me love (1973, George Harrinson)
Daniel (1973, Elton John)
Jet (1973, Wings)
Keep yourself alive (1973, Queen)
Changes (1973, Black Sabbath)
Knockin´ on heaven´s door (1973, Bob Dylan)
Dream on (1973, Aerosmith)
D´yer mak´er (1973, Led Zeppelin)
Sweet Jane (1973, The Velvet Underground)
Sabbath bloody Sabbath (1973, Black Sabbath)
Smoke on the water (1973, Deep Purple)
I heard it through the grapevine (1973, Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Over the hills and far away (1973, Led Zeppelin)
Money (1973, Pink Floyd)
The ocean (1973, Led Zeppelin)
Life on Mars? (1973, David Bowie)
El Porompompero (1974, Manolo Escobar)
Canta y se feliz (1974, Peret)
Candle in the wind (1974, Elton John)
Un ramito de violetas (1974, Cecilia)
Liar (1974, Queen)
Waterloo (1974, ABBA)
Mrs. Vandebilt (1974, Wings)
Band on the run (1974, Wings)
Porque te vas (1974, Jeanette)
Seven seas of Rhye (1974, Queen)
Whatever gets you thru the night (1974, John Lennon)
The real me (1974, The Who)
I shot the sheriff (1974, Eric Clapton)
Killer Queen (1974, Queen)
Rock and roll all nite (1974, Kiss)
Rock ´n´ roll suicide (1974, David Bowie)
Sweet home Alabama (1974, Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Entre dos aguas (1974, Paco de Lucía)
Free bird (1974, Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Time (1974, Pink Floyd)
Amor de medianoche (1975, Cecilia)
América, América (1975, Nino Bravo)
Mi querida España (1975, Cecilia)
I do, I do, I do, I do, I do (1975, ABBA)
Just a gigolo (1975, Louis Prima)
Mamma mia (1975, ABBA)
Now I´m here (1975, Queen)
Stand by me (1975, John Lennon)
S.O.S (1975, ABBA)
En el lago (1975, Triana)
Lily of the valley (1975, Queen)
Am I going insane (1975, Black Sabbath)
You´re the first, the last, my everything (1975, Barry White)
Theme from Jaws (1975, John Williams)
No woman, no cry (1975, Bob Marley)
Tenth avenue freeze-out (1975, Bruce Springsteen)
Trampled underfoot (Led Zeppelin)
Born to run (1975, Bruce Springsteen)
Diamonds and rust (1975, Judas Priest)
Have a cigar (1975, Pink Floyd)
Tangled up in blue (1975, Bob Dylan)
Hurricane (1975, Bob Dylan)
Bohemian Rhapsody (1975, Queen)
La Ramona (1976, Fernando Esteso)
Sunny (1976, Boney M)
Daddy cool (1976, Boney M)
I love to love (1976, Tina Charles)
Fernando (1976, ABBA)
Sorry seems to be the hardest word (1976, Elton John)
Money, money, money (1976, ABBA)
Anarchy in the U.K. (1976, Sex Pistols)
Let ´em in (1976, Wings)
Don´t go breaking my heart (1976, Kiki Dee y Elton John)
Walk this way (1976, Aerosmith)
If you leave me now (1976, Chicago)
Livin´thing (1976, Electric Light orchestra)
Silly love songs (1976, Wings)
Dancing queen (1976, ABBA)
Candy store rock (1976, Led Zeppelin)
Europa (1976, Santana)
Teo Torriatte (1976, Queen)
You´re my best friend (1976, Queen)
It´s a long way to the top (1967, AC/DC)
Somebody to love (1976, Queen)
The boys are back in town (1976, Thin Lizzy)
Beth (1976, Kiss)
Go your own way (1976, Fleetwood Mac)
Back in the U.S.S.R. (1976, The Beatles)
Blitzrieg bop (1976, Ramones)
More than a feeling (1976, Boston)
Got to get you into my life (1976, The Beatles)
I wish (1976, Stevie Wonder)
Epitaph (1976, King Crimson)
Enséñame a cantar (1977, Micky)
Soy un truhán, soy un señor (1977, Julio Iglesias)
Linda (1977, Miguel Bosé)
Yes sir, I can boogie (1977, Baccara)
Ma Baker (1977, Boney M)
Pretty vacant (1977, Sex Pistols)
Si tú me dices ven (1977, Los Panchos)
It´s a heartache (1977, Bonnie Tyler)
Mull of kintyre (1977, Wings)
White riot (1977, The Clash)
God save the Queen (1977, Sex Pistols)
How deep is your love (1977 Bee Gees)
Long away (1977, Queen)
Stayin´ alive (1977, Bee Gees)
Knowing me, knowing you (1977, ABBA)
Don´t stop (1977, Fleetwood Mac)
Heroes (1977, Davis Bowie)
Tie your mother down (1977, Queen)
Love gun (1977, Kiss)
We are the champions (1977, Queen)
Rockaway beach (1977, Ramones)
Sheena is a punk rocker (1977, Ramones)
Hotel California (1977, The Eagles)
Oh! darling (1977, The Beatles)
Stars wars theme (1977, John Williams)
Pigs on the wing (1977, Pink Floyd)
Pigs. Three different ones (1977, Pink Floyd)
Y.M.C.A. (1978, Village People)
Rasputin (1978, Boney M)
Sandy (1978, John Travolta)
Vivir así es morir de amor (1978, Camilo Sesto)
Rivers of Babylon (1978, Boney M)
Last dance (1978, Donna Summer)
Night fever (1978, Bee Gees)
Greased lightnin´ (1978, John Travolta)
Take a chance on me (1978, ABBA)
I fought the law (1978, The Clash)
Que hace una chica como tú en un sitio como este (1978, Burning)
Summer nights (1978, John Travolta y Olivia Newton John)
You´re the one that I want (1978, John Travolta y Olivia Newton John)
Spread your brings (1978, Queen)
Bicycle race (1978, Queen)
I will survive (1978, Gloria Gaynor)
Hopelessly devoted to you (1978, Olivia Newton John)
Miss you (1978, The Rolling Stones)
Beast of burden (1978, The Rolling Stones)
Wonderful tonight (1978, Eric Clapton)
So lonely (1978, The Police)
Theme from Superman (1978, John Williams)
Hold the line (1978, Toto)
Wuthering heights (1978, Kate Bush)
Dust in the wind (1978, Kansas)
Because the night (1978, Patti Smith)
It´s late (1978, Queen)
Lay down Sally (1978, Eric Clapton)
I wanna be sedated (1978, Ramones)
Is this love (1978, Bob Marley)
Badlands (1978, Bruce Springsteen)
Sultans of swing (1978, Dire Straits)
Sgt. Pepper´s lonely hearts club band (1978, The Beatles)
Super Superman (1979, Miguel Bosé)
Háblame de ti (1979, Los Pecos)
Don Quijote y Sancho (1979, Botones)
Los viejos rockeros nunca mueren (1979, Miguel Rios)
Un velero llamado libertad (1979, José Luis Perales)
Chiquitita (1979, ABBA)
Hot Stuff (1979, Donna Summer)
Voulez Vous (1979, ABBA)
No more tears. Enough is enough (1979, Donna Summer y Barbra Streisand)
My sharona (1979, The Knack)
Rock with you (1979, Michael Jackson)
Always look on the bright side of life (1979, Monty Python)
The logical song (1979, Supertramp)
I have a dream (1979, ABBA)
Message in a bottle (1979, The Police)
Crazy little thing called love (1979, Queen)
Video killed the radio star (1979, Buggles)
Gimme! gimme! gimme!. A man after midnight (1979, ABBA)
Love of my life (1979, Queen)
Don´t stop ´til you get enough (1979, Michael Jackson)
Boys don´t cry (1979, The Cure)
Breakfast in America (1979, Supertramp)
Does your mother know? (1979, ABBA)
Bela Lugosi´s dead (1979, Bauhaus)
Last train to London (1979, Electric Light Orchestra)
I was made for loving you (1979, Kiss)
Lady writer (1979, Dire Straits)
Goodnight tonight (1979, Wings)
What a fool believes (1979, The Doobie Brothers)
London calling (1979, The Clash)
One way or another (1979, Blondie)
Heart of glass (1979, Blondie)
Fool in the rain (1979, Led Zeppelin)
Highway to hell (1979, AC/DC)
Hey hey, my my. Into the black (1979, Neil Young)
Don´t stop me now (1979, Queen)
Another brick in the wall, part II (1979, Pink Floyd)
Comfortably numb (1979, Pink Floyd)
Te amaré (1980, Miguel Bosé)
Upside down (1980, Diana Ross)
Enamorado de la moda juvenil (1980, Radio Futura)
Flash (1980, Queen)
Divina (1980, Radio Futura)
Hoy no me puedo levantar (1980, Mecano)
Santa Lucía (1980, Miguel Ríos)
Xanadu (1980, Olivia Newton John y  Electric Light Orchestra)
Horror en el hipermercado (1980, Alaska y los Pegamoides)
Super trouper (1980, ABBA)
The tide is high (1980, Ana Belén)
El hombre del piano (1980, Ana Belén)
No dudaría (1980, Antonio Flores)
La chica de ayer (1980, Nacha Pop)
I will follow (1980, U2)
Woman in love (1980, Barbra Streisand)
Fame (1980, Irene Cara)
Déjame (1980, Los Secretos)
Calle Melancolía (1980, Joaquín Sabina)
Enola Gay (1980, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)
Sanctuary (1980, Iron Maiden)
Three little birds (1980, Bob Marley)
Hungry heart (1980, Bruce Springsteen)
Women in uniform (1980, Iron Maiden)
The winner takes it all (1980, ABBA)
Touch too much (1980, AC/DC)
Hells bells (1980, AC/DC)
Coming up (1980, Paul McCartney)
Could you be loved (1980, Bob Marley)
A forest (1980, The Cure)
Off the wall (1980, Michael Jackson)
Atomic (1980, Blondie)
Train in vain. Stand by me (1980, The Clash)
Just like starting over (Yoko Ono y John Lennon)
Ace of spades (1980, Motorhead)
Another one bites the dust (1980, Queen)
Running free (1980, Iron Maiden)
Redemption song (1980, Bob Marley)
You shook me all night long (1980, AC/DC)
Breaking the law (1980, Judas Priest)
Call me (1980, Blondie)
Run like hell (1980, Pink Floyd)
Ashes to ashes (1980, David Bowie)
New York, New York (1980, Frank Sinatra)
Living after midnight (1980, Judas Priest)
Back in black (1980, AC/DC)
The Imperial March. Darth Vader´s theme (1980, John Williams)
Love will tear us apart (1980, Joy Division)
Me estoy volviendo loco (1981, Azul y Negro)
No puedo enamorarme de ti (1981, Antonio Flores)
In the air tonight (1981, Phil Collins)
Perdido en mi habitación (1981, Mecano)
Just can´t get enough (1981, Depeche Mode)
Maneras de vivir (1981, Leño)
Every little thing she does is magic (1981, The Police)
Bette Davis eyes (1981, Kim Carnes)
Start me up (1981, The Rolling Stones)
Rock and roll ain´t noise pollution (1981, AC/DC)
Tainted love (1981, Soft Cell)
Souvenir (1981, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)
Watching the wheels (1981, John Lennon y Yoko Ono)
Purgatory (1981, Iron Maiden)
Joan of Arc (1981, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)
Twilight zone (1981, Iron Maiden)
Under pressure (1981, Queen y David Bowie)
Romeo and Juliet (1981, Dire Straits)
Tunnel of love (1981, Dire Straits)
Woman (1981, John Lennon y Yoko Ono)
All those years ago (1981, George Harrison)
The river (1981, Bruce Springsteen)
Olvídame y pega la vuelta (1982, Pimpinela)
You can´t hurry love (1982, Phil Collins)
Bravo por la música (1982, Juan Pardo)
Como una ola (1982, Rocio Jurado)
Las palabras de amor (1982, Queen)
Body language (1982, Queen)
Feliz navidad (1982, Boney M)
¿Y cómo es él? (1982, José Luis Perales)
No me enseñen la lección (1982, Mecano)
Ebony and ivory (1982, Stevie Wonder y Paul MacCartney)
Back chat (1982, Queen)
Everybody (1982, Madonna)
D´Artacan y los tres mosqueperros (1982, Popitos)
Do you really want to hurt me (1982, Culture Club)
Maquillaje (1982, Mecano)
The girl is mine (1982, Michael Jackson)
Up where we belong (1982, Joe Cocker y Jennifer Warnes)
Spirits in the material world (1982, The Police)
Should I stay or should I go? (1982, The Clash)
Family man (1982. Mike Oldfield)
Words (1982, F.R. David)
Eye of the tiger (1982, Survivor)
Me colé en una fiesta (1982, Mecano)
Bilando (1982, Alaska y Los Pegamoides)
Los rockeros van al infierno (1982, Barón Rojo)
Rock the Casbah (1982, The Clash)
Five miles out (1982, Mike Oldfield)
For those about to rock. We salute you (1982, AC/DC)
When the tigers broke free (1982, Pink Floyd)
Love (1982, John Lennon)
No one like you (1982, Scorpions)
Theme from E.T. (1982, John Williams)
Run to the hills (1982, Iron Maiden)
The number of the beast (1982, Iron Maiden)
Quién maneja mi barca (1983, Remedios Amaya)
Marta tiene un marcapasos (1983, Hombres G)
La fiesta nacional (1983, Mecano)
Burning up (1983, Madonna)
Karma chameleon (1983, Culture Club)
Conspiración (1983, Olé Olé)
Say say say (1983, Paul McCartney)
Pipes of peaces (1983, Paul McCartney)
Lucky star (1983, Madonna)
China girl (1983, David Bowie)
Holiday (1983, Madonna)
No controles (1983, Olé Olé)
El amante de fuego (1983, Mecano)
Me gusta ser una zorra (1983, Vulpes)
Perlas ensangrentadas (1983, Alaska y Dinarama)
Thank you for the music (1983, ABBA)
El ritmo del garaje (1983, Loquillo y Trogloditas)
Embrujada (1983, Tino Casal)
Flashdance. What a feeling (1983, Irene Cara)
Jump in the fire (1983, Metallica)
Total eclipse of the heart (1983, Bonnie Tyler)
Barco a Venus (1983, Mecano)
Wanna be startin´ somethin (1983, Michael Jackson)
Girls just want to have fun (1983, Cyndi Lauper)
New year´s day (1983, U2)
Whiplash (1983, Metallica)
Not now John (1983, Pink Floyd)
Every breath you take (1983, The Police)
Sweet dreams. Are made of this (1983, Eurythmics)
Flight of Icarus (1983, Iron Maiden)
Lick it up (1983, Kiss)
Moonlight shadow (1983, Mike Oldfield)
Sunday bloody Sunday (1983, U2)
Thriller (1983, Michael Jackson)
Blue Monday (1983, New Order)
The trooper (1983, Iron Maiden)
Beat it (1983, Michael Jackson)
Holy diver (1983, Dio)
Billie Jean (1983, Michael Jackson)
El toro guapo (1984, El Fary)
Sevilla (1984, Miguel Bosé)
Lady, lady (1984, Bravo)
Amante bandido (1984, Miguel Bosé)
Last christmas (1984, Wham)
Busco algo barato (1984, Mecano)
Wake me up before you go-go (1984, Wham)
Solo le pido a Dios (1984, Ana Belén)
Japón (1984, Mecano)
Against all odds. Take a look at me now (1984, Phil Collins)
I justed called to say I love you (1984, Stevie Wonder)
Lobo-hombre en París (1984, La Unión)
Borderline (1984, Madonna)
Smooth operator (1984, Sade)
Careless whisper (1984, George Michael)
Thank God it´s Christmas (1984, Queen)
Holding out for a hero (1984, Bonnie Tyler)
Sildavia (1984, La Unión)
The never ending story (1984, Limahl)
Cuatro rosas (1984, Gabinete Caligari)
Born in the U.S.A. (1984, Bruce Springsteen)
Love kills (1984, Freddie Mercury)
La vuelta al mundo de Willy Fog (1984, Mocedades)
Radio ga ga (1984, Queen)
No pintamos nada (1984, Mecano)
Escuela de calor (1984, Radio Futura)
Dancing in the dark (1984, Bruce Springsteen)
Song to the siren (1984, This Mortal Coil)
Forever young (1984, Alphaville)
Hammer to fall (1984, Queen)
To France (1984, Mike Oldfield)
No more lonely nights (1984, Paul McCartney)
What´s love got to do with it (1984, Tina Turner)
Cómo pudiste hacerme esto a mi (1984, Alaska y Dinarama)
Voy a mil (1984, Olé Olé)
Purple rain (1984, Prince)
Money for nothing (1984, Dire Straits)
Runaway (1984, Bon Jovi)
When Doves cry (1984, Prince)
Time after time (1984, Cyndi Lauper)
Creeping death (1984, Metallica)
Pride. In the name of love (1984, U2)
It´s a hard life (1984, Queen)
Rock you like a hurricane (1984, Scorpions)
Aces high (1984, Iron Maiden)
Like a virgin (1984, Madonna)
Still loving you (1984, Scorpions)
People are people (1984, Depeche Mode)
Fade to black (1984, Metallica)
Take on me (1984, A Ha)
Two minutes to midnight (1984, Iron Maiden)
I want to break free (1984, Queen)
Venezia (1985, Hombres G)
Devuélveme a mi chica (1985, Hombres G)
Dancing in the street (1985, Mick Jagger y David Bowie)
Sussudio (1985, Phil Collins)
Hawaii-Bombay (1985, Mecano)
La fiesta terminó (1985, Paloma San Basilio)
Gambler (1985, Madonna)
The Goonies ´r´ good enough (1985, Cyndi Lauper)
Angel (1985, Madonna)
We don´t need another hero (1985, Tina Turner)
Querida Milagros (1985, El Último de la Fila)
Say you, say me (1985, Lionel Richie)
Private dancer (1985, Tina Turner)
The sweetest taboo (1985, Sade)
Part-time lover (1985, Stevie Wonder)
Dress you up (1985, Madonna)
Living on my own (1985, Freddie Mercury)
Lili Marlen (1985, Olé Olé)
I´ll never be Maria Magdalena (1985, Sandra)
The power of love (1985, Jennifer Rush)
Rock the night (1985, Europe)
Hallelujah (1985, Leonard Cohen)
Crazy for you (1985, Madonna)
Heaven (1985, Bryan Adams)
Ni tú ni nadie (1985, Alaska y Dinarama)
Glory days (1985, Bruce Springsteen)
Agradecido (1985, Rosendo)
Walking on the sunshine (1985, katrina and the Waves)
Nikita (1985, Elton John)
Walk of live (1985, Dire Straits)
Your latest trick (1985, Dire Straits)
Close to me (1985, Dire Straits)
We are the world (1985, U.S.A. for Africa)
Just like honey (1985, The Jesus and Mary Chain)
One vision (1985, Queen)
Don´t you forget about me (1985, Simple Minds)
Running free (1985, Iron Maiden)
Caravan of love 1985, The Housemartins)
So far away (1985, Dire Straits)
How soon is now? (1985, The Smiths)
Bolero (1985, Maurice Ravel)
For whom the bells tolls (1985, Metallica)
Brothers in arms (1985, Dire Straits)
West End girls (1985, Pet Shop Boys)
Run to the hills (1985, Iron Maiden)
In between days (1985, The Cure)
Running up that hill (1985, Kate Bush)
Material girl (1985, Madonna)
Into the grovee (1985, Madonna)
Touch me. I want your body (1986, Samantha Fox)
Ay, que pesado (1986, Mecano)
La puerta de Alcalá (1986, Ana belén y Víctor Manuel)
No puedo evitar pensar en ti (1986, Duncan Dhu)
Bailando sin salir de casa (1986, Olé Olé)
Esos ojos negros (1986, Duncan Dhu)
Nena (1986, Miguel Bosé)
True Colors (1986, Cyndi Lauper)
Venus (1986, Bananarama)
Underground (1986, David Bowie)
Cien gaviotas (1986, Duncan Dhu)
Lessons in love (1986, Level 42)
You can leave your hat on (1986, Joe Cocker)
Déjame sola (1986, Olé Olé)
Pain is so close to pleasure (1986, Queen)
Voyage, voyage (1986, Desireless)
Jardín de rosas (1986, Duncan Dhu)
One year of love (1986, Queen)
Take my breath away (1986, Berlin)
Don´t leave me this way (1986, Communards)
Manic Monday (1986, Bangles)
The final countdown (1986, Europe)
Open your heart (1986, Madonna)
Al calor del amor en un bar (1986, Gabinete caligari)
Time (1986, Freddie Mercury)
A kind of magic (1986, Queen)
A quién le importa (1986, Alaska y Dinarama)
You can call me Al (1986, Paul Simon)
Insurreción (1986, El Último de la Fila)
Papa don´t preach (1986, Madonna)
Princes of the Universe (1986, Queen)
Kiss (1986, Prince)
Wasted years (1986, Iron Maiden)
California dreamin´(1986, The Beach Boys)
A question of time (1986, Depeche Mode)
Friends will be friends (1986, Queen)
Don´t dream it´s over (1986, Crowded House)
Welcome home. Sanitarium (1986, Metallica)
Stranger in a strange land (1986, Iron Maiden)
There is a light that never goes out (1986, The Smiths)
You give love a bad name (1986, Bon Jovi)
On Earth as it is in heaven (1986, Ennio Morricone)
Live to tell (1986, Madonna)
True blue (1986, Madonna)
Livin´on a prayer (1986, Bon Jovi)
Cruz de navajas (1986, Mecano)
Who wants to live for ever (1986, Queen)
Suburbia (1986, Pet Shop Boys)
Me cuesta tanto olvidarte (1986, Mecano)
Master of puppets (1986, Metallica)
El negro no puede (1987, Georgie Dann)
Boys (1987, Sabrina)
Sola (1987, Olé Olé)
Nothing´s gonna stop me now (1987, Samantha Fox)
Never gonna give you up (1987, Rick Astley)
The loco-motion (1987, Kylie Minogue)
The look of love (1987, Madonna)
Yo soy infiel (1987, Olé Olé)
Lo mejor de tu vida (1987, Julio Iglesias)
¡Chas! y aparezco a tu lado (1987, Álex y Christina)
Una calle de París (1987, Duncan Dhu)
Who´s that girl (1987, Madonna)
Unchain my heart (1987, Joe Cocker)
I want your sex (1987, George Michael)
Once upon a long ago (1987, Paul McCartney)
The great pretender (1987, Freddie Mercury)
I wanna dance with somebody. Who loves me (1987, Whitney Houston)
I should be so lucky (1987, Kylie Minogue)
Yo quiero verte danzar (1987, Franco Battiato)
La sangre de tu tristeza (1987, Gabinete Caligari)
Heaven is a place on Earth (1987, Belinda Carlisle)
Faith (1987, George Michael)
Never can say goodbye (1987, Communards)
Dude. Looks like a lady (1987, Aerosmith)
La isla bonita (1987, Madonna)
la lluvia gris (1987, Héroes del Silencio)
I´ve had the time of my life (1987, Jennifer Warnes y Bill Medley)
Camino Soria (1987, Gabinete Caligari)
Tunnel of love (1987, Bruce Springsteen)
Eloise (1987, Tino Casal)
Barcelona (1987, Freddie Mercury y Montserrat Caballé)
Bravo samurai (1987, Vicky Larraz)
La mataré (1987, Loquillo y Trogloditas)
Carrie (1987, Europe)
No es serio este cementerio (1987, Mecano)
The way you make me feel (1987, Michael Jackson)
Luka (1987, Suzanne Vega)
Islands (1987, Mike Oldfield)
Cherokee (1987, Europe)
Wanted dead or alive (1987, Bon Jovi)
Strangelove (1987, Depeche Mode)
It´s so easy (1987, Guns N´Roses)
Pacto entre caballeros (1987, Joaquín Sabina)
Little lies (1987, Fleetwood Mac)
Héroe de leyenda (1987, Héroes del Silencio)
I just can´t stop loving you (1987, Michael Jackson)
Behind the wheel (1987, Depeche Mode)
I still haven´t found what I´m looking for (1987, U2)
Learninig to fly (1987, Pink Floyd)
Nightrain (1987, Guns N´Roses)
Hijo de la luna (1987, Mecano)
Rent (1987, Pet Shop Boys)
Bad (1987, Michael Jackson)
Got my mind set on you (1987, George Harrison)
Paradise city (1987, Guns N´Roses)
Wonderful life (1987, Black)
With or without you (1987, U2)
It´s a sin (1987, Pet Shop Boys)
Never let me down again (1987, Depeche Mode)
Always on my mind (1987, Pet Shop Boys)
Where the streets have no name (1987, U2)
Just like heaven (1987, The Cure)
Welcome to the jungle (1987, Guns N´Roses)
What have I done to deserve this? (1987, Pet Shop Boys)
Heart (1987, Pet Shop Boys)
El chiringuito (1988, Georgie Dann)
Qué difícil es hacer el amor en un Simca 1000 (1988, Los inhumanos)
Suéltate el pelo (1988, Hombres G)
La chica que yo quiero: Made in Spain (1988, La década Prodigiosa)
Nothing´s gonna change my love for you (1988, Glenn Medeiros)
Sabor de amor (1988, Danza Invisible)
Together forever (1988, Rick Astley)
Gimme hope Jo´Anna (1988, Eddy Grant)
Resistiré (1988, El Dúo Dinámico)
Más y más (1988, la Unión)
Spotlight (1988, Madonna)
No hay marcha en Nueva York (1988, Mecano)
Vivir al este del Edén (1988, la unión)
Don´t worry, be happy! (1988, Bobby McFerrin)
Perfect (1988, Fairground Attraction)
En algún lugar (1988, Duncan Dhu)
Englishman in New York (1988, Sting)
The look (1988, Roxette)
When love comes to town)
Orinoco flow. Sail away (1988, Enya)
Bad medicine (1988, Bon Jovi)
Los amantes (1988, Mecano)
Sara (1988, El ültimo de la Fila)
Angel of Harlem (1988, U2)
Stop! (1988, Sam Brown)
Un año más (1988, Mecano)
Mujer contra mujer (1988, Mecano)
Desire (1988, U2)
Eye of the beholder (1988, Metallica)
Blue Monday 1988 (1988, New Order)
Can I play with madness (1988, Iron Maiden)
Fast car (1988, Tracy Chapman)
Harvester of sorrow (1988, Metallica)
The evil that men do (1988, Iron Maiden)
Man in the mirror (1988, Michael Jackson)
Smooth criminal (1988, Michael Jackson)
The clairvoyant (1988, Iron Maiden)
Venus in furs (1988, The Velvet Underground)
And justice for all (1988, Metallica)
One (1988, Metallica)
Sweet child o´mine (1988, Guns N´Roses)
Domino dancing (1988, Pet Shop Boys)
Loco Mía (1989, Loco Mía)
Nada cambiará mi amor por ti (1989, Glenn Medeiros)
Los amigos de mis amigas son mis amigos (1989, Objetivo Birmania)
U can´t touch this (1989, M.C. Hammer)
Caballo viejo (1989, Julio Iglesias)
Aquí no hay playa (1989, The Refrescos)
Nacida para amar (1989, Nina)
Lambada (1989, Kaoma)
Oye mi canto. Hear my voice (1989, Gloria Estefan)
La culpa fue del cha-cha-cha (1989, Gabinete Caligari)
Solo se vive una vez (1989, Gabinete Caligari)
Loca (1989, Luz Casal)
Alma de blues (1989, Presuntos Implicados)
She drives me crazy (1989, Fine Young Cannibals)
Scandal (1989, Queen)
Mi novio es un zombie (1989, Alaska y Dinarama)
Listen to your heart (1989, Roxette)
Dangerous (1989, Roxette)
Oh father! (1989, Madonna)
Mil calles levan hacia ti (1989, La Guardia)
Qué sólo estás (1989, Los Secretos)
The invisible man (1989, Queen)
Lía (1989, Ana Belén)
Cada historia (1989, Presuntos Implicados)
No me importa nada (1989, Luz Casal)
Cherish (1989, Madonna)
Agosto (1989, Héroes del Silencio)
Another in paradise (1989, Phil Collins)
Lay your hands on me (1989, Bon Jovi)
Te dejé marchar (1989, Luz Casal)
Janie´s got a gun (1989, Aerosmith)
Rozando la eternidad (1989, Duncan Dhu)
Dressed for success (1989, Roxette)
Fuente esperanza (1989, Héroes del Silencio)
Wicked game (1989, Chris Isaak)
The miracle (1989, Queen)
Toy soldiers (1989, Martika)
I don´t want a lover (1989, Texas)
Breakthru (1989, Queen)
Love in a elevator (1989, Aerosmith)
Words (1989, The Christians)
Fight the power (1989, Public Enemy)
I drove all night (1989, Cyndi Lauper)
La fuerza del destino (1989, Mecano)
The best (1989, Tina Turner)
Flor venenosa (1989, Héroes del Silencio)
No más lágrimas (1989, Héroes del Silencio)
Mar adentro (1989, Héroes del Silencio)
My brave face (1989, Paul McCartney)
El blues del esclavo, versión tango (1989, Mecano)
Patience (1989, Guns N´Roses)
Express yourself (1989, 1989, Madonna)
Lovesong (1989, The Cure)
I want it all (1989, Queen)
Personal Jesus 12" (1989, Depeche Mode)
Cadillac solitario (1989, Loquillo y Trogloditas)
Monkey gone to heaven (1989, Pixies)
Infinite dreams (1989, Iron Maiden)
Personal Jesus (1989, Depeche Mode)
Eternal flame (1989, Bangles)
You got it (1989, Roy Orbinson)
Like a prayer (1989, Madonna)
Lullaby (1989, The Cure)
Bandido (1990, Azúcar Moreno)
Es por ti (1990, Cómplices)
Vision of love (1990, Mariah Carey)
Si bastasen un par de canciones (1990, Eros Ramazzotti)
Justify mi love (1990, Madonna)
Keep it together (1990, Madonna)
Cuando brille el sol (1990, La Guardia)
Ojalá que llueva café (1990, Juan Luis Guerra)
Hanky panky (1990, Madonna)
Sliver (1990, Nirvana)
Soldados del amor (1990, Olé Olé)
La senda del tiempo (1990, Celtas Cortos)
Freedom ´90 (1990, George Michael)
The shoop shoop song. It´s in his kiss (1990, Cher)
Sadeness part I (1990, Enigma)
Vogue (1990, Madonna)
Con sólo una mirada (1990, Olé Olé)
Being boring (1990, Pet Shop Boys)
Blaze of glory (1990, Jon Bon Jovi)
It must have been love (1990, Roxette)
Une femme avec une femme (1990, Mecano)
Cuando el mar te tenga (1990, El Último de la Fila)
Nothing compares 2 U (1990, Sinead O´Connor)
Bring your daughter...to the slaughter (1990, Iron Maiden)
Thunderstruck (1990, AC/DC)
Holy smoke (1990, Iron Maiden)
Entre dos tierras (1990, Héroes del Silencio)
World in my eyes (1990, Depeche Mode)
Travelling riverside blues (1990, Led Zeppelin)
Pictures of you (1990, The Cure)
Enjoy the silence (1990, Depeche Mode)
Painkiller (1990, Judas Priest)
Sevilla tiene un color especial (1991, Los del Río)
Así me gusta a mí (1991, Chimo Bayo)
Viviendo deprisa (1991, Alejandro Sanz)
Estoy por ti (1991, Amistades peligrosas)
Un pedazo de cielo (1991, Luz Casal)
Chiquilla (1991, Seguridad Social)
Joyride (1991, Roxette)
Everything I do. I do it for you (1991, Bryan Adams)
Muy peligroso (1991, Amistades Peligrosas)
Don´t let the sun go down on me (1991, George Michael y Elton John)
Calling Elvis (1991, Dire Straits)
Rescue me (1991, Madonna)
Live and let die (1991, Guns N´ Roses)
Cómo hemos cambiado (1991, Presuntos Implicados)
Heavy fuel (1991, Dire Straits)
Hombres (1991, Loquillo y Trogloditas)
Dalai Lama (1991, Mecano)
Near wild heaven (1991, R.E.M.)
Don´t tread on me (1991, Metallica)
Tú (1991,Mecano)
Piensa en mí (1991, Luz Casal)
Y no amanece (1991, Los Secretos)
Esperando nada (1991, Antonio Vega)
My side of the bed (1991, Susanna Hoffs)
El 7 de Septiembre (1991, Mecano)
Despertar (1991, Héroes del Silencio)
Radio song (1991, R.E.M.)
Headlong (1991, Queen)
Fading like a flower. Every time you leave (1991, Roxette)
Spending my time (1991, Roxette)
These are the days of our lives (1991, Queen)
Shiny happy (1991, R.E.M.)
More than words (1991, Extreme)
Give it away (1991, Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Se dejaba llevar por ti (1991, Antonio Vega)
Fall at your feet (1991, Crowded House)
Where the streets have no name (1991, Pet Shop Boys)
Black or white (1991, Michael Jackson)
Naturaleza muerta (1991, Mecano)
On a plain (1991, Nirvana)
Mysterious ways (1991, U2)
Con nombre de guerra (1991, Héroes del Silencio)
Wherever I may roam (1991, Metallica)
Oración (1991, Héroes del Silencio)
Wind of change (1991, Scorpions)
I´m going slightly mad (1991, Queen)
The unforgiven (1991, Metallica)
Maldito duende (1991, Héroes del Silencio)
Enter sandman (1991, Metallica)
Estranged (1992, Guns N´Roses)
Alive (1991, Pearl Jam)
Don´t cry (1991, Guns N´Roses)
You could be mine (1991, Guns N´Roses)
Innuendo (1991, Queen)
Losing my religion (1991, R.E.M)
November rain (1991, Guns N´Roses)
The show must go on (1991, Queen)
Smells like teen spirit (1991, Nirvana)
Otro día más sin verte (1992, Jon Secada)
De qué sirve llorar (1992, OBK)
Sabor, sabor (1992, Rosario)
Erótica (1992, Madonna)
1000 pedazos (1992, Christina y los Subterráneos)
A un minuto de ti (1992, Mikel Erentxun)
Cuéntame un cuento (1992, Celtas Cortos)
Voy en un coche (1992, Christina y los Subterráneos)
This used to be my playground (1992, Madonna)
Sweat. A la la la la song (1992, Inner Circle)
On every street (1992, Dire Straits)
How do you do! (1992, Roxette)
Africanos en Madrid (1992, Amistades Peligrosas)
I´ll be there (1992, Mariah Carey)
Una rosa es una rosa (1992, Mecano)
La del pirata cojo (1992, Joaquín Sabina)
20 de Abril (1992, Celtas Cortos)
Deeper and deeper (1992, Madonna)
Knockin´ on the heaven´s door (1992, Guns N´ Roses)
Joselito (1992, Kiko Veneno)
In the closet (1992, Michael Jackson)
Y nos dieron las diez (1992, Joaquín Sabina)
El fallo positivo (1992, Mecano)
Sad but true (1992, Metallica)
Oceans (1992, Pearl Jam)
Better days (1992, Bruce Springsteen)
Weather with you (1992, Crowded House)
Oveja negra (1992, Barricada)
All that she wants (1992, Ace of Base)
Human touch (1992, Bruce Springsteen)
Yesterdays (1992, Guns N´ Roses)
I will always love you (1992, Whitney Houston)
Heal the world (1992, Michael Jackson)
Bed of roses (1992, Bon Jovi)
Ever better tahn real thing (1992, U2)
Remember the time (1992, Michael Jackson)
Ordinary world (1992, Duran Duran)
Dreams (1992, The Cranberries)
Wasting love (1992, Iron Maiden)
Killing in the name (1992, Rage Against the Machine)
I´m easy (1992, Faith No More)
Even flow (1992, Pearl Jam)
Who´s gonna ride your wild horses (1992, U2)
Keep the faith (1992, Bon Jovi)
Lithium (1992, Nirvana)
Conquest of paradise (1992, Vangelis)
In these arms (1992, Bon Jovi)
Drive (1992, R.E.M.)
El sitio de mi recreo (1992, Antonio Vega)
Be quick or be dead (1992, Iron Maiden)
Jeremy (Pearl Jam)
In bloom (1992, Nirvana)
Tears in heaven (1992, Eric Clapton)
Man on the moon (1992, R.E.M.)
One (1992, U2)
Under the brigde (1992, Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Come as you are (1992, Nirvana)
Creep (1992, Radiohead)
Nothing else matters (1992, Metallica)
Macarena (1993, Los del Río)
Tocar madera (1993, Manolo Tena)
Oye mi amor (1993, Maná)
Please forgive me (1993, Bryan Adams)
All for love (1993; Brian Adams, Rod Stewart y Sting)
I can´t help falling in love with you (1993, UB40)
Dreamlover (1993, Mariah Carey)
Ain´t it fun (1993, Guns N´ Roses)
Me haces tanto bien (1993, Amistades Peligrosas)
The power of love (1993, Celine Dion)
No limit (1993, 2 Unlimited)
Hero (1993, Mariah Carey)
Tranquilo majete (1993, Celtas Cortos)
Since I don´t have you (1993, Guns N´ Roses)
Con los años que me quedan (1993, Gloria Stefan)
Eat the rich (1993, Aerosmith)
Rain (1993, Madonna)
Fever (1993, Madonna)
El hombre de negro (1993, Loquillo y Trogloditas)
Mi tierra (1993, Gloria Stefan)
De ley (1993, Rosario)
Bad girl (1993, Madonna)
Quiero tener tu presencia (1993, Seguridad Social)
Numb (1993, U2)
Vivir sin aire (1993, Maná)
Y nos dieron las diez (1993, Joaquín Sabina y Rocío Durcal)
Casi nunca bailáis (1993, Amistades Peligrosas)
Amazing (1993, Aerosmith)
I feel you (1993, Depeche Mode)
The sign (1993, Ace of Base)
I have nothing (1993, Whitney Houston)
Como un burro amarrado a la puerta del baile (1993, El Último de la Fila)
Go (1993, Pearl Jam)
Cryin´ (1993, Aerosmith)
Are you gonna go my way (1993, Lenny Kravitz)
Go west (1993, Pet Shop Boys)
Somebody to love (1993, Queen y George Michael)
Animal (1993, Pearl Jam)
Hope of deliverance (1993, Paul McCartney)
Venus is a boy (1993, Bjork)
Nuestros nombres (1993, Héroes del Silencio)
Daughter (1993, Pearl Jam)
Livin´on the edge (1993, Aerosmith)
The sidewinder sleeps tonite (1993, R.E.M.)
Sin documentos (1993, Los Rodríguez)
Walking in my shoes (1993, Depeche Mode)
La herida (1993, Héroes del Silencio)
Civil war (1993, Guns N´Roses)
Everybody hurts (1993, R.E.M.)
All apologies (1993, Nirvana)
Fear of the dark (1993, Iron Maiden)
Heart-shaped box (1993, Nirvana)
La sirena varada (1993, Héroes del Silencio)
Theme from Jurassic Park (1993, John Williams)
Hallowed be thy name (1993, Iron Maiden)
Saturday night (1994, Whigfield)
Madera de colleja (1994, Celtas Cortos)
Scatman. Ski ba bop ba dop bop (1994, Scatman John)
Bedtime story (1994, Madonna)
All I want for Christmas is you (1994, Mariah Carey)
La soledad (1994, Laura Pausini)
Get your gunn (1994, Marilyn Mason)
The most beautiful girl in the world (1994, Prince)
Anytime you need a friend (1994, Mariah Carey)
Contamíname (1994, Ana Belén y Víctor Manuel)
Sympathy for the devil (1994, Guns N´ Roses)
Love is strong (1994, The Rolling Stones)
Cuerpo de mujer (1994, Antonio Flores)
Kiss from a rose (1994, Seal)
Think twice (1994, Celine Dion)
You got me rocking (1994, The Rolling Stones)
All I wanna do (1994, Sheryl Crow)
I´ll remember (1994, Madonna)
Cigarettes and alcohol (1994, Oasis)
Crash! boom! bang! (1994, Roxette)
lake of fire (1994, Nirvana)
Sleeping in my car (1994, Roxette)
Missing (1994, Everything But The Girl)
El blues de lo que pasa en mi escalera (1994, Joaquín Sabina)
Ruido (1994, Joaquín Sabina)
Parklife (1994, Blur)
Shakermaker (1994, Oasis)
Take a bow (1994, Madonna)
Come out and play (1994, The Offspring)
Take it back (1994, Pink Floyd)
Que puedo hacer (1994, Los Planetas)
Love is all around (1994, Wet Wet Wet)
Crazy (1994, Aerosmith)
Without you (1994, Mariah Carey)
Secret (1994, Madonna)
Violently happy (1994, Bjork)
Girl, you´ll be a woman soon (1994, Urge Overkill)
Supersonic (1994, Oasis)
Polly (1994, Nirvana)
Pennyroyal tea (1994, Nirvana)
Girls and boys (1994, Blur)
Keep talking (1994, Pink Floyd)
Return to innocence (1994, Enigma)
Linger (1994, The Cranberries)
What do you want from me (1994, Pink Floyd)
Streets of Philadelphia (1994, Bruce Springsteen)
About a girl (1994, Nirvana)
Basket case (1994, Green Day)
Flor de loto (1994, Héroes del Silencio)
High hopes (1994, Pink Floyd)
The man who sold the world (1994, Nirvana)
What´s the frequency, Kenneth? (1994, R.E.M.)
Bulevar de los sueños rotos (1994, Joaquín Sabina)
Ode to my family (1994, Canberries)
Can you feel the love tonight (1994, Elton John)
Self esteem (1994, The offspring)
Glory box (1994, Portishead)
Zombie (1994, The Cranberries)
Always (1994, Bon Jovi)
Live forever (1994, Oasis)
Whatever (1994, Oasis)
Here comes the sun (1994, The Beatles)
Grace (1994, Jeff Buckley)
Birthday (1994, The Beatles)
Macarena. Bayside Boys mix (1995, Los del Río)
Tú me camelas (1995, Niña Pastori)
Everlasting love (1995, Gloria Estefan)
One sweet day (1995, Boyz II Men y Mariah Carey)
Because you loved me (1995, Celine Dion)
Tu nombre me sabe a yerba (1995, Antonio Flores)
Lunchbox (1995, Marilyn Manson)
You are not alone (1995, Michael Jackson)
Sweet dreams. Are made of this (1995, Marilyn Manson)
Rock and roll is dead (1995, Lenny Kravitz)
Isla de palma (1995, Antonio Flores)
Abriendo puertas (1995, Gloria Stefan)
Mi soledady yo (1995, Alejandro Sanz)
Something for the pain (1995, Bon Jovi)
Vuelve conmigo (1995, Anabel Conde)
La belleza (1995, Marta Sánchez)
Back for good (1995, Take That)
Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me (1995, U2)
Have you ever really loved a woman? (1995, Bryan Adams)
Golden eye (1995, Tina Turner)
Human nature (1995, Madonna)
Only happy when it rains (1995, Garbage)
Alba (1995, Antonio Flores)
Anywhere is (1995, Enya)
You´ll see (1995, Madonna)
When I come around (1995, Green Day)
Forgiven, not forgotten (1995, The Corrs)
Carnival (1995, The Cardigans)
Gotta get away (1995, The Offspring)
A winter´s tale (1995, Queen)
Gansta´s paradise (1995, Coolio)
I can´t be with you (1995, The Cranberries)
No more "I love you´s" (1995, Annie Lennox)
Country house (1995, Blur)
Besaré el suelo (1995, Luz Casal)
Runaway (1995, The Corrs)
Milonga del marinero y el capitán (1995, Los Rodríguez)
Lemon tree (1995, Fools Garden)
Hand in my pocket (1995, Alanis Morissette)
Heaven for everyone (1995, Queen)
Earth song (1995, Michael Jackson)
Siete vidas (1995, Antonio Flores)
This ain´t a love song (1995, Bon Jovi)
Man on the edge (1995, Iron Maiden)
Scream (1995, Michael Jackson)
Entre mis recuerdos (1995, Luz Casal)
Knockin´ on the heaven´s door. Unplugged (1995, Bob Dylan)
Lo eres todo (1995. Luz Casal)
Where the wild roses grow (1995, Nick Cave y The Bad Seeds)
Free as a bird (1995, The Beatles)
Roll with it (1995, Oasis)
Some might say (1995, Oasis)
Morning glory (1995, Oasis)
The universal (1995, Blur)
High and dry (1995, Radiohead)
Someday I´ll be saturday night (1995, Bon Jovi)
You oughta know (1995, Alanis Morissette)
Common people (1995, Pulp)
Pero a tu lado (1995, Los Secretos)
Just (1995, Radiohead)
Deshacer el mundo (1995, Héroes del Silencio)
It´s oh so quiet (1995, Bjork)
Fake plastic trees (1995, Radiohead)
Don´t look back in anger (1995, Oasis)
Wonderwall (1995, Oasis)
Iberia sumergida (1995, Heróes del Silencio)
La chispa adecuada (1995, Héroes del Silencio)
María (1996, Ricky Martin)
Cannabis (1996, Ska P)
Quit playing games. With my heart (1996, Backstreet Boys)
Inolvidable (1996, Laura Pausini)
La cosa más bella (1996, Eros Ramazzotti)
No nos podrán parar (1996, Celtas Cortos)
How deep is your love (1996, Take That)
Love don´t live here anymore (1996, Madonna)
Dont cry for me Argentina (1996, Madonna)
Freed from desire (1996, Gala)
Reach (1996, Gloria Estefan)
2 become 1 (1996, Spice Girls)
Cuando los sapos bailen flamenco (1996, Ella Baila Sola)
Un poco de amor (1996, Shakira)
Wannabe (1996, Spice Girls)
Plantado en mi cabeza (1996, Luz Casal)
Las cosa que vives (1996, Laura Pausini)
Bulls on parade (1996, Rage Against the Machine)
¡Qué bonito! (1996, Rosario)
Say you´ll be there (1996, Spice Girls)
Grita (1996, Jarabe de Palo)
El talisman (1996, Rosario)
Vivo por ella (1996, Andrea Bocelli)
All by myself (1996, Celine Dion)
June afternoon (1996, Roxette)
Si tú no estás (1996, Rosana)
Hero of the day (1996, Metallica)
Antología (1996, Shakira)
The memory remais (1996, Metallica)
No lo vuelvas a hacer (1996, Ella Baila Sola)
The beautiful people (1996, Marilyn Manson)
Firestarter (1996, The Prodigy)
Lovefool (1996, The Cardigans)
You don´t fool me (1996, Queen)
Estoy aquí (1996, Shakira)
me quedaré solo (1996, Amistades Peligrosas)
Amores de barra (1996, Ella Baila Sola)
Vivimos siempre juntos (1996, Nacho Cano)
Fastlove (1996, George Michael)
Until it sleeps (1996, Metallica)
Jesus to a child (1996, George Michael)
Breathe (1996, The Prodigy)
Lord of the flies (1996, Iron Maiden)
Everyday is a winding road (1996, Sheryl Crow)
Salvation (1996, The Cranberries)
You learn (1996, Alanis Morissette)
Virus (1996, Iron Maiden)
You must love me (1996, Madonna)
El lado oscuro (1996, Jarabe de Palo)
La flaca (1996, Jarabe de Palo)
Mucho mejor (1996, Los Rodríguez)
David y Claudia (1996, Los Planetas)
Charmless man (1996, Blur)
Beautiful life (1996, Ace of Base)
Pies descalzos, sueños blancos (1996, Shakira)
Lo echamos a suertes (1996, Ella Baila Sola)
The right time (1996, The Corrs)
When you´re gone (1996, The Cranberries)
If it makes you happy (1996, Sheryl Crow)
Cosmic girl (1996, Jamiroquai)
Never gonna say I´m sorry (1996, Ace of Base)
Come and get it (1996, The Beatles)
Un-break my heart (1996, Tony Braxton)
Se a vida é. That´s the way life is (1996, Pet Shop Boys)
Ironic (1996, Alanis Morissette)
Change the world (1996, Eric Clapton)
Virtual insanity (1996, Jamiroquai)
Anneurysm (1996, Nirvana)
Let me live (1996, Queen)
Don´t speak (1996, No Doubt)
They don´t care about us (1996, Michael Jackson)
Mi enfermedad (1996, Los Rodríguez)
So payaso (1996, Extremoduro)
Drain you (1996, Nirvana)
It´s all too much (1996, The Beatles)
1979 (1996, The Smashing Pumpkins)
Sucede (1996, Extremoduro)
You´ve got a friend in me (1996, Randy Newman)
Champagne supernova (1996, Oasis)
Real love (1996, The Beatles)
Too much love will kill you (1996, Queen)
Hiperballad (1996, Bjork)
Across the universe (1996, The Beatles)
Here, there and everywhere (1996, The Beatles)
Magical mystery tour (1996, The Beatles)
Tonight, tonight (1996, The Smashinng Pumpkins)
Norwegian wood. This bird has flown (1996, The Beatles)
Lucy is in the sky with diamonds (1996, The Beatles)
Street spirit. Fade out (1996, Radiohead)
You´ve got to hide your love away (1996, The Beatles)
While my guitar gently weeps (1996, The Beatles)
Laura no está (1997, Nek)
As long as you love me (1997, Backstreet Boys)
No importa la distancia (1997, Ricky Martin)
Dr. Jones (1997, Aqua)
Barbie girl (1997, Aqua)
Spice up your life (1997, Spice Girls)
Everybody. Backstreet´s back (1997, Backstreet Boys)
Men in black (1997, Will Smith)
Gettin´ jiggy wit it (1997, Will Smith)
Too much (1997, Spice Girls)
Amor a la mexicana (1997, Thalia)
Clavado en un bar (1997, Maná)
Who do you think you are (1997, Spice Girls)
Tell him (1997, Barbra Streisand y Celine Dion)
Honey (1997, Mariah Carey)
Cosas de la vida. Can´t stop thinking of you (1997, Eros Ramazzotti)
Te extraño, te olvido, te amo. Somos la semilla (1997, Ricky Martin)
The reason (1997, Celine Dion)
Nada que perder (1997, Amistades Peligrosas)
Salomé (1997, Bunbury)
Entender el amor (1997, Mónica Naranjo)
Come into my life (1997, Gala)
Discotheque (1997, U2)
Tourniquet (1997, Marilyn Manson)
Desátame (1997, Mónica Naranjo)
Moja mi corazón (1997, Marta Sánchez)
Mama said (1997, Metallica)
No sé por  qué te quiero (1997, Antonio Banderas y Ana Belén)
¿Qué hace una chica como tú en un sitio como este? (1997, Loquillo y Trogloditas)
Falling in love. Is hard on the knees (1997, Aerosmith)
Save tonight (1997, Eagle Eye Cherry)
The unforgiven II (1997, Metallica)
Black eyed boy (1997, Texas)
The drugs don´t work (1997, The Verve)
Y ¿si fuera ella? (1997, Alejandro Sanz)
Anybody seen my baby? (1997, The Rolling Stones)
Ghosts (1997, Michael Jackson)
Al amanecer (1997, los Fresones Rebeldes)
Blood on the dance floor (1997, Michael Jackson)
D´you know what I mean? (1997, Oasis)
Bitch (1997, Meredith Brooks)
Only when I sleep (1997, The Corrs)
My heart will go on (1997, Celine Dion)
Todas las flores (1997, Presuntos Implicados)
A contratiempo (1997, Ana Torroja)
Loli Jackson (1997, Dover)
Smack my bitch up (1997, The Prodigy)
All I want (1997, The Offspring)
Staring at the sun (1997, U2)
Serenade (1997, Dover)
Alicia. Expulsada al país de las maravillas (1997, Bunbury)
Du hast (1997, Rammstein)
It´s no good (1997, Depeche Mode)
High (1997, Lighthouse Family)
Stand by me (1997, Oasis)
Put your arms around me (1997, Texas)
Angels (1997, Robbie Williams)
Barrel of a gun (1997, Depeche Mode)
Say what you want (1997, Texas)
Alta suciedad (1997, Andrés Calamaro)
Como sueñan las sirenas (1997, Ana Torroja)
Hole in my soul (1997, Aerosmith)
Something about the way your look tonight (1997, Elton John)
Lucky (1997, Radiohead)
Torn (1997, Natalie Imbruglia)
Beetlebum (1997, Blur)
Song 2 (1997, Blur)
Around the world (1997, Daft Punk)
Bachelorette (1997, Bjork)
Home (1997, Depeche Mode)
No-one but you. Only the good die young (1997, Queen)
Jóga (1997, Bjork)
Let down (1997, Radiohead)
Better sweet symphony (1997, The Verve)
The girl I love she got long black wavy hair (1997, Led Zeppelin)
Paranoid android (1997, Radiohead)
Karma police (1997, Radiohead)
La copa de la vida (1998, Ricky Martin)
Diva (1998, Dana Internacional)
Big big world (1998, Emilia)
La bomba (1998, Ricky Martin)
Emergencia de amor (1998, Laura Pausini)
Goodbye (1998, Spice Girls)
Stop (1998, Spice Girls)
Cuba libre (1998, Gloria Estefan)
Por amor (1998, Thalia)
The dope show (1998, Marilyn Manson)
Oye! (1998, Gloria Estefan)
Don´t be stupid (1998, Shania Twain)
Si hay Dios (1998, Alejandro Sanz)
Mujer latina (1998, Thalia)
... Baby one more time (1998, Britney Spears)
Believe (1998, Cher)
Amiga mía (1998, Alejandro Sanz)
Sweetest thing (1998, U2)
Pura sangre (1998, Jarabe de Palo)
Cuéntame al oído (1998, La Oreja de Van Gogh)
Crush (1998, Jennifer Paige)
Libre (1998, El Chaval de la Peca)
Quiero más de ti (1998, Marta Sánchez)
Kiss me (1998, Sixpence None the Richer)
When you´re gone (1998, Bryan Adams)
Rosita (1998, Amaral)
Las campanas del amor (1998, Mónica Naranjo)
Aprendiz (1998, Malú)
Stereosexual (1998, Mecano)
My all (1998, Mariah Carey)
Tú y yo volvemos al amor (1998, Mónica Naranjo)
You´re my heart, you´re my soul ´98 (1998, Modern Talking)
Millenium (1998, Robbie Williams)
Pretty fly. For a white guy (1998, The Offsprings)
Dreams (1998, The Corrs)
En el muelle de San Blas (1998, Maná)
Pesadilla (1998, La Oreja de Van Gogh)
When you believe (1998, Mariah Carey y Whitney Houston)
All around the world (1998, Oasis)
The angel and the gambler (1998, Iron Maiden)
Agua (1998, Jarabe de Palo)
Soñaré (1998, La Oreja de Van Gogh)
Pájaros de barro (1998, Manolo García)
La playa (1998, Los Planetas)
What I can do ? (1998, The Corrs)
Despídete (1998, Ella Baila Sola)
Y quisiera (1998, Ella Baila Sola)
El 28 (1998, La Oreja de Van Gogh)
Trozos de cristal (Fito y Fitipaldis)
My favourite game (1998, (1998, The Cardigans)
Cuerpo y corazón (1998, Mecano)
Voy a acabar contigo (1998, Amaral)
En ausencia de ti (1998, Laura Pausini)
Fly away (1998, Lenny Kravitz)
Given to fly (1998, Pearl Jam)
Noches de Bohemia (1998, Navajita Plateá)
Sugar (1998, System of a Down)
Fuel (1998, Metallica)
Daysleeper (1998, R.E.M.)
El club de los humildes (1998, Mecano)
Life is a flower (1998, Ace of Base)
Ciega, sordomuda (1998, Shakira)
Flaca (1998, Andrés Calamaro)
Rojitas las orejas (1998, Fito y Fitipaldis)
Drowned world. Substitute for love (1998, Madonna)
That don´t impress me much (1998, Shania Twain)
I don´t want to miss a thing (1998, Aerosmith)
You´re still the one (1998, Shania Twain)
The power of good-bye (1998, Madonna)
From this moment on (1998, Shania Twain)
Segundo premio (1998, Los Planetas)
Golfa (1998, Extremoduro)
Futureal (1998, Iron Maiden)
I think I´m paranoid (1998, Garbage)
Apuesta por el rock´n´roll (1998, Héroes del Silencio)
Teardrop (1998, Massive Attack)
Ray of light (1998, Madonna)
No surprises (1998, Radiohead)
Frozen (1998, Madonna)
Wild wild west (1999, Will Smith)
Agustito (1999, Ketama)
Livin´ la vida loca (1999, Ricky Martin)
Larger than life (1999, Backstreet Boys)
Si nos dejan (1999, Tamara)
Waiting for tonight (1999, Jennifer López)
No me ames (1999, Jennifer López)
Salomé (1999, Chayanne)
Ya no quiero tu querer (1999, José el Francés)
Sometimes (1999, Britney Spears)
Santo, Santo (1999, So Pra Contrariar y Gloria Estefan)
I want it that that way (1999, Backstreet Boys)
Celos (1999, Tamara)
Born to make you happy (1999, Britney Spears)
If you had my love (1999, Jennifer López)
You drive me crazy (1999, Britney Spears)
Desconocida (1999, Marta Sánchez)
I don´t like the drugs. But the drugs like me (1999, Marilyn Manson)
What a girl wants (1999, Christina Aguilera)
DJ (1999, Dover)
Dile al sol (1999, La Oreja de Van Gogh)
La estrella y la luna. Déjate llevar (1999, La Oreja de Van Gogh)
American woman (1999, Lenny Kravitz)
Genie in a bottle (1999, Christina Aguilera)
Corazón espinado (1999, Santana)
That´s the way it is (1999, Celine Dion)
Why don´t you get a job? (1999, The Offsprings)
My name is (1999, Eminem)
Radio (1999, The Corrs)
Tengo un trato (1999, Mala Rodríguez)
Rayando el sol (1999, Maná)
Ya no te quiero (1999, Ana Torroja)
When you say nothing at all (1999, Ronan Keating)
Rock is dead (1999, Marilyn Manson)
Wish I could fly (1999, Roxette)
Hey boy hey girl (1999, The Chemical Brothers)
Si te vas (1999, Shakira)
Llamando a la Tierra (1999, M Clan)
You´ll be in my heart (1999, Phil Collins)
So young (1999, The Corrs)
Ojos así (1999, Shakira)
New York city boy (1999, Pet Shop Boys)
Die, die my darling (1999, Metallica)
Man! I feel like a woman (1999, Shania Twain)
C´est la vie. Always 21 (1999, Ace of Base)
Nothing really matters (1999, Madonna)
Cuando te conocí (1999, Andrés Calamaro)
Beautiful stranger (1999, Madonna)
Otro muerto (1999, Mecano)
Cave (1999, Muse)
No leaf clover (1999, Metallica)
Te quiero igual (1999, Andrés Calamaro)
Cherry Lee (1999, Dover)
Smooth (1999, Santana)
Spiders (1999, System of a Down)
Strong enough (1999, Cher)
Sube, sube (1999, Nacho Cano)
In our lifetime (1999, Texas)
Infinito (1999, Bunbury)
Summer son (1999, Texas)
Yellow submarine songtrack sample (1999, The Beatles)
Tender (1999, Blur)
Coffe and TV (1999, Blur)
Sleeping sun. For ballads of the eclipse (1999, Nightwish)
Last kiss (1999, Pearl Jam)
El extranjero (1999, Bunbury)
Mi confianza (1999, Luz Casal)
El mundo futuro (1999, Mecano)
Just my imagination (1999, The Cranberries)
19 días y 500 noches (1999, Joaquín Sabina)
Muscle museum (1999, Muse)
Around the world (1999, Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Maria (1999, Blondie)
Promises (1999, The Cranberries)
Animal instinct (1999, The Cranberries)
Scar tissue (1999, Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Inevitable (1999, Shakira)
Californication (1999, Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Otherside (1999, Red Hot Chili Peppers)
All is full of love (1999, Bjork)
La bomba (2000, King África)
Fuego en el fuego (2000, Eros Ramazzotti)
El último adiós (2000, Paulina Rubio)
She bangs (2000, Ricky Martin)
Lo haré por ti (2000, Paulina Rubio)
Rosalinda (2000, Thalía)
Original prankster (2000, The Offspring)
Lucky (2000, Britney Spears)
Arrasando (2000, Thalía)
Holler (2000, Spice Girls)
Say my name (2000, Destiny´s Child)
Entre el mar y una estrella (2000, Thalía)
Let´s get loud (2000, Jennifer López)
Sunday morning call (2000, Oasis)
Who feels love? (2000, Oasis)
American pie (2000, Madonna)
Come on over baby. All I want is you (2000, Christina Aguilera)
Nada particular (2000, Miguel Bosé y Ana Torroja)
Tú sigue así (2000, OBK)
Kids (2000, Kylie Minogue y Robbie Williams)
Oops!...I did it again (2000, Britney Spears)
Corazones (2000, Miguel Bosé y Ana Torroja)
Falso amor (2000, La Unión)
Entre tú y mil mares (2000, Laura Pausini)
El salmón (2000, Andrés Calamaro)
I disappear (2000, Metallica)
Tu calorro (2000, Estopa)
Disposable teens (2000, Marilyn Manson)
Music (2000, Madonna)
Fíjate bien (2000, Juanes)
Fiesta pagana (2000, Mago de Oz)
Rock DJ (2000, Robbie Williams)
Cabecita loca (2000, Amaral)
I turn to you (2000, Christina Aguilera)
Me falta el aliento (2000, Estopa)
Sobreviviré (2000, Mónica Naranjo)
Stronger (2000, Britney Spears)
Moi... Lolita (2000, Alizeé)
The real slim shady (2000, Eminem)
Don´t tell me (2000, Madonna)
Spinning around (2000, Kylie Minogue)
I´m outta (2000, Anastacia)
Go let it out (2000, Oasis)
Pure shores (2000, All Saints)
Cacho a cacho (2000, Estopa)
Cuídate (2000, La Oreja de Van Gogh)
Mala mujer (2000, Miguel Sáez)
París (2000, La Oreja de Van Gogh)
La playa (2000, La Oreja de Van Gogh)
Subamos al cielo (2000, Amaral)
Beautiful day (2000, U2)
Breathless (2000, The Corrs)
Un buen día (2000, Los Planetas)
Out of the silent planet (2000, Iron Maiden)
Unitended (2000, Muse)
Yellow (2000, Coldplay)
Optimistic (2000, Radiohead)
Como hablar (2000, Amaral)
The wicker man (2000, Iron Maiden)
It´s my life (2000, Bon Jovi)
Trouble (2000, Coldplay)
Idioteque (2000, Radiohead)
Things have changed (2000, Bob Dylan)
Suburn (2000, Muse)
Stan (2000, Eminem)
Y sin embargo (2000, Joaquín Sabina)
I´ve seen it all (2000, Bjork)
Años 80 (2000, Los Piratas)